Product Description

HCO is a white, flaked, odorless product with high melting point. It has perfect compatibility with natural waxes.
HCO is used as a major component in Lithium and calcium based multipurpose heavy duty greases. It’s also used in the manufacture of lithium lubricant greases. several alkyd resin formulation and composition of synthetic waxes.

Typical Properties Unit Value
Property ——– ———
Color on Gardner G 1Max
Acid Value % 2Max
Lodine Value gt/100g 3Max
Hydroxy Value mg KOH/g 156Min
Saponification Value mg KOH/g 175Min
Melting Point c 85-88

Storage and Handling

It should be stored away from heat to avoid deterioration

It is a non-toxic, non-hazardous material.

Product Description

Molecular Formula:LiOH-H2O

Appearance:White crystal powder

Molecular weight:41.96

Density:1.51 g/cmo @20°C

Loses water of hydration:100 – 110 °C

Water solubility:10.9 wt%@ 20 °C


White monoclinic fine crystals, spicy, strong alkaline, easy to absorb carbon dioxide in the air and water, soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol. Specific gravity 2.41, melting point 471 C.


It is Industrial grade lithium hydroxide monohydrate used in the preparation of the alkaline battery e lectrolyte additive, and lithium grease, but also used in petrochemical and glass ceramics and other industries.

Purity Specification

LiOH min.% 56.5
Impurities max.% CO2 0.5
Cl- 0.002
SO42- 0.02
K+Na 0.15
Fe2O3 0.002
Cao 0.035
water insolubalbes 0.02


Net 25kg per bag packed in double plastic inner layers and plastic woven outer layer.